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Come and build your own medicine drum in the wonderful nature of Nangilima. You will be provided with the material you need. We will use skin from reindeer and deer (hjort) and there will be different frames that you can choose from for your drum.

We meet on Friday at 18.00 for dinner and then we gather for a circle where we set the intention for the drum. We will choose the skin and frame before we go to the lake and put the skins to soak overnight.

Saturday we will make the drums all day and in the evening we will hold a Dreamweaver* ceremony for the spirit of the drum and the drummer.

On Sunday we will see what we have created and make adjustments to the drum if needed. We will make drumsticks and finish off with a ceremony in the afternoon around 15.00. By 16.30 on Sunday we will be finished and you can go home ready to let the drum make a Drummer out of you.

About the ceremony leader
Vigyan first poured water inside the sweat lodge for more than 25 years ago. It was in India 1981 upon meeting Bhagawan (later called Osho) that he got his name. Over the years he has been facilitating workshops like men’s groups, vipasana, drum building, and different forms of therapy from the world of Osho. His passion now is the connection to earth and spirit and he has been facilitating the Dreamweaver ceremony on Space of Love, Öland for more than a decade.

Cost: 4500kr which includes all materials for your drum, all workshops, all meals, and accommodation.
Booking: To book your place on the retreat you can either pay the full amount, or if you prefer a deposit of 1500kr now, and then pay the remaining amount at the latest 2 weeks before the retreat starts.
: Friday 22 May 18.00 – Sunday 24 May 16.30.
Practical: You need to bring your own bed linnen and towel (lakan, påslakan, örngott och handduk).
Food: You will be served nurishing delicious vegan food. If you have intollerances, you need to let us know.
Traveling: You find the best way to get to Nangilima here: www.shawake.com/hitta-hit. If you are travelling by train and buss, let us know and we will arrange to pick you up at Österbybruk Busstation.

*The Dreamweaver is a ceremony of remembrance and friendship.

It is a ceremony for healing relationships, and it is a ceremony for remembering our capacity to nourish life.

There is a transition on Earth happening right now. Our old story about ourselves and the world doesn’t serve us anymore. We have been living the story of separation and competition and it has been taking us down an unsustainable path. Now we are coming to the end of the road and the world as we know it is rapidly becoming harder and harder to maintain.

The good news is that as the old story of separation is failing us, a new story of oneness and togetherness is emerging and we are starting to remember and understand our relationships in a new way.

In the Dreamweaver, we come together to remind ourselves of all the relationships that support our life.

With the power of gratitude, we make the medicine for the healing of our relationship to ourselves, our family, our friends, our community and the whole web of life – with the intention to bring about the restoration and flowering of Paradise Earth.

With the help of music and stories we co-create the ritual and open ourselves to new possibilities and a deeper sense of community.

We invite the wisdom and support of the spirit world and work together to bring harmony and prosperity to all our relationships.

The Dreamweaver is a co-created ritual so bring your instruments and sacred tools if you have.


– Vid avbokning mer än innan 2 veckor före start får du tillbaka din avgift förutom ett depositionsbelopp på 1000kr.
– Vid avbokning närmare än 2 veckor före start sker ingen återbetalning.