This is it

What do You want from this experience? What do you want from Life?

Are you tired of searching? Tired of not knowing what your meaning is? What you are here for?

Can you follow this pointing?

Take three deep breaths and relax.

Feel that you are here.

Feel all that is your experience.

Accept all that is in your experience.

Accept that experience come and go, that it is forever changing.

Accept that this is all there is. To know your experience.

Knowing is not a flat empty recognition. Knowing is to sweetly taste every bit of what is here. Knowing is a natural property of being. It is effortless.

Don’t wait for anything to happen in the future.

Don’t go to anything in the past.

Curiously taste This moment.

Accept that life perfectly guides every moment.

That it is beyond personal control.

Surrender to this mystery. That life is happening in your field of experience.
Allow the impulses of your field to create action. Don’t do. Just allow the flow of cause and effect, karma, to unfold.

See and taste whatever appear here now.

There is no meaning other than to feel and taste this moment.

There is nothing that needs to be understood or conceptualized.

There is nothing to find other than what is already here right now.

Freedom is the surrender into what is.

The relaxation of mind to accept fully this moment.

To allwow your experience to taste and be this moment.

If you feel restlessness, unsatisfactoriness or an urge to underatand or question this. Relax and be with this emotion. Allow this unsatisfactoriness and taste it. It too will change and pass.

Allow the flow of what is. Taste the flow of what is.

You are not leaning forward into the future, or backwards into the past. You are here fully in the only thing that exists, this experience Here Now.

With acceptance you will feel the natural flavours of being streaming through your field and holding your experience.

You will feel that the love of openness can hold any pain and suffering. You will feel your innate joy bubble through. You will sense the deep peace that you are.

This is the meaning of your life. To be. With and as whatever experience is here.

You think you are a person and there is a world. A past and a future. This is all thought appearing in your experience here now.

How simple and easy life can be. Can you accept that the only thing you have to do is to be here and taste only This moment.

Is it not a relief that you can let everything else go? That you dont have to search for or find something to make you happy or make your life meaningful?

You don’t even have to do anything.

Is it not ultimate freedom to know you are free here now. That this is everything there is.

Relax. Surrender to this moment. Taste it. Allow and accept. You are here. This is it.

Blessed love.

May you experience the peace, love and joy that you are.

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