Awakening, Dagbok

Silent Winter Wonderland

Winter is here with cold and snow. Things slow down. And it comes with such an opportunity!

Can you allow the slowness fully? Can you allow peace and quietness to be your resting fullness?

Is there restlessness? Is there boredom? Is there a need to maintain some story? Some favourite drama? Some unjustice, past event or worry for some future that occupy your thoughts? 

Most of us are addicted to action, to solving problems, to understanding. To create a sense of safety through control and understanding of our world. And to distract ourselves from what is here when we allow our stillness.

Allow some time to just be with, and observe your inner landscape.

Perhaps unfelt layers will reveal themselves. Uncomfortable emotions. Can you allow them to be in your field of presence, without acting upon them at all, can you hold them in your loving openness?

Perhaps after some time of silence deeper feeling tones will reveal themselves. Angst? Depression? Restlessness? Anger? Or just a sense that something is not quite right, not quite full or complete in the heart area?

To have the currage to stay silent. To peacefully turn our attention inwards. To hold and allow our experience fully, without engaging or fixing or distracting us – is the way to healing of all this mental aggitation and belief.

To see that you fundamentally are the open seeing loving presence that allows all experience, not the ever changing ideas, beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

And perhaps, as you strenghten your seeing of your thoughts and emotions. And fully allow, without believing in any of these to be You. Or needing of attention or fixing.

You will experience more and more of yourself as silent spacious loving presence. Untouched by even Christmas stress 😉

Slowly breathing in and out…

Christmas is Here…Remember what this time is really about 💓💞💓

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