Shamanic Flow and Guided Meditation

Yes, we took a new step the other day in the formation of our life, publishing videos on Youtube! Scary, but we are committed to our journey and the next step is to share more of what we do!

Sara is crating a new powerful yoga style incorporating Shamanism, called Shamanic Flow and Shamanic Yin. And Gabriel is sharing more of his support for Awakening.

This is one part of the practice when I express alot of fire/ anger inside of me. It is one of the emotions i have not lived out freely but supressed alot to make others ”comfortable” but myself uncomfortable. Now i find expressing anger even hate while I practice to be fuel for warmth, passion and speaking my truth. The practice will make you realize where you are not comfortable yet. Wether it is vulnerability, loosing controll, extacy, love, laughter. Where can you not yet go? It brings you great opening to loving your true self in All that you are. I am now in prosess of developing, accepting playing with all expressions of beeing human. I hope you also see magic in this!

This is a 20 minute guided meditation to relax into beingness and appreciate the presence and present moment magic, followed by 10 minutes of drumming.

We hope you enjoy!

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