Everywhere we go, rainbows appear~

Toonight we shall do a fire ceremony, me filming and Gabriel infront of the camera~

Maybe we will share this later 😁😇😁


We had a question about fasting! This is Gabriel’s point of view, learnt from Dr Robert Morse (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dVketHBHfA&t=1183s). First some basics behind the this theory that has proven to miraculously heal all sorts of chronical and terminal ”diseases”.

  • The body is the only thing that can heal our bodies (of imbalances and remove toxins).
  • Imbalances in the form of exessive acidic waste and toxins that the body can not get rid of is the cause of all ”diseases”.
  • The problem is not ”disease”. The problem is that we clog our internal sewer/lymph system so that we can not get rid of acidity and toxins and the body is forced to deal with our bad diets best it can.
  • Shifting our diet to less acidic forming foods (fruit and raw vegetables, not sugar, meat, grains) can help us heal and neutralize some of our current imbalances, but if we are already clogged in our lymph system this is not enough.
  • The body takes care of us when we can not clear the toxins, by isolating the toxins and acidity in our fat or in severe cases tumors. The alternative, to have it release in our blood, would mean instant death.
  • Our bodies carry the perfect blueprint of our perfect health, if we provide the right conditions, the body can heal any imbalance (”disease”).
  • The best condition for re-generating healthy cells and clearing imbalances, is dry fasting (no food or water). Animals naturally fast to heal when they are sick. Studies now show that we re-generate stem cells when we fast.

For me Master Fasting was a great experience, getting rid of some parasites, lots of junk and getting back to balance. It is mentally very challenging and you loose a lot of weight, so it is important to set clear goals and be committed to go deep in the healing.

HOWEVER, the main take away is that I LOVE FOOD. After the fasting was finished, we eat EVERYTHING with great passion. Whatever we feel like, sugar, cakes, lots of food. And we feel great.

Perhaps this works so well because our lymph system is working so well. If we still had a lot of imbalances, it would have been more difficult and we would probably been better off continuing with a more clean diet.

But right now life is so much better with Sugar!!!!!!!!

We found Erik Sunqvists old cannoe ~

Took it for a Ride ~~~

FISHING ~ No fish


Sen gick vi i Österbybruks RegnSkogar***


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