Awakening, Dagbok

Silent Winter Wonderland

Winter is here with cold and snow. Things slow down. And it comes with such an opportunity! Can you allow the slowness fully? Can you allow peace and quietness to be your resting fullness? Is there restlessness? Is there boredom? Is there a need to maintain some story? Some favourite drama? Some unjustice, past event… Läs mer Silent Winter Wonderland


This is it

What do You want from this experience? What do you want from Life? Are you tired of searching? Tired of not knowing what your meaning is? What you are here for? Can you follow this pointing? Take three deep breaths and relax. Feel that you are here. Feel all that is your experience. Accept all… Läs mer This is it


Celebrate & Surrender

We Left Nangilima ~ car fully packed my god ~ Beautiful surounding of Lindsberg ~Kursgård ~ We stayed in our spaceous tent with the dogs ~ ~ We were about 20 people inc teachers ~ Some experienced enlightment ~ some emotional states of conciousness and some deep meetings with self ~ all fell into the… Läs mer Celebrate & Surrender


INLOVE WITH Österbybruk

We love Österbybruk! People are incredibly down to Earth and super friendly…. never known a place on earth like this* Auktion 2 lovely potts for our pottgarden 🙂 80kr Free taco buffet! Our finds! Plättjärn, baby clothes and some vases – cheap! Experience – priceless 🙂 Baby boy is growing and the cuteness with him… Läs mer INLOVE WITH Österbybruk



​Stop. What are you doing? Stop. Don’t look outside. Stop. See what is inside. Stop. Don’t walk away. Stop. THIS is what you need to face right NOW! Stop. Collapse any activity of mind. Stop. Don’t force anything. Stop. Melt with being. Just stop. Or not. It’s all OK. ♥